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Are you interested in what your career could look like in the SOLARIS PONS group? As renewable energy experts, we are always focused on the future. In our group, moving up and to the right is the focus for every employee. It signifies learning, growth and development.

The SOLARIS PONS group provides maximum support to employees during their career path. We turned the typical organizational chart upside down. We are focused on our front line, and supervisors serve their teams to ensure that everyone has what they need to be successful in their work.

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Top training


A clear focus on clients, community and collaboration.


Energize your career.

Our training programs enable the achievement of professional goals and growth within the SOLARIS PONS group. Our team-oriented culture ensures hands-on training and mentorship from experienced renewable energy professionals.

The SOLARIS PONS group forms top teams so that the values provided to clients are maximized.

We design, finance, build, manage, maintain, but most importantly, together we help our clients, partners and communities exceed their goals.

When you work in the field of renewable energy, you make a direct contribution to the health and sustainability of the environment.

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