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solar field

In the past decade, SOLARIS PONS Group built the largest number of solar power plants in the Republic of Croatia. There are numerous examples in the public and private sector: general hospitals, health centers, schools, kindergartens, production facilities, industrial halls, shopping centers and many others.

ppa model

First PPA model
in Croatia.

The SOLARIS PONS group stands out in particular in the promotion of the PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) model, which was implemented in 2019, for the first time in Croatia, through the Agreement on the performance of works and the supply of electricity with Zabok General Hospital. It is the first solar power plant in the healthcare system of the Republic of Croatia.

solar lake

The largest solar irrigation
in Europe.

In Kneževi Vinogradi, the SOLARIS PONS group built the largest solar irrigation system in Europe. Tens of thousands of liters of diesel fuel normally used for driving the pumps have been completely replaced by solar energy.

solar field


The SOLARIS PONS group formed a special team of experts for the design of Agri-PV projects (agricultural solar systems), with the aim of using the same land primarily for agricultural purposes and, in parallel, for the production of solar energy, which enables a significant increase in farmers' yields.

solar pool

Green revolution
in Croatia.

As a national stakeholder in the energy transition, the SOLARIS PONS group proudly and completely independently develops a green project of strategic interest to the Republic of Croatia. Solar energy and the production of pure (green) hydrogen are primarily combined with a whole range of supporting renewable energy technologies. In fact, it is a mosaic of the most modern technologies from the field of renewable energy sources, which has not yet been seen in these areas.