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IT IS GOOD TO KNOW that there is someone
with the necessary expertise.

solar worker

SOLARIS PONS is the leading group in Croatia in the field of planning, financing, construction, management and maintenance of projects in the domain of renewable energy. The primary focus is on solar projects, battery systems for energy storage and a network of charging stations for electric vehicles.

More than 80 experts in the field of renewable energy represent the greatest value of the SOLARIS PONS group. We are teammates first. Our mentality is collaborative and that's how we approach every project. Only by adopting a 'we, not me' mindset can we build the right relationships - within our group and beyond - to exceed client goals and strengthen our relationships along the way.

Primary focus

power plant

Solar power plants
on the roof, on the ground, on the water.

Our energy experience with foundations in the construction of solar power plants makes us the bet choice. The SOLARIS PONS group performs the scope of all solar services completely independently. Each phase of the project is carefully monitored and controlled in order to guarantee maximum efficiency for the client.


Battery systems
for energy storage.

Energy storage is the future. For us, renewable energy is a constant, not a variable. SOLARIS PONS guarantees delivery of the proven highest quality and most reliable battery systems for energy storage. Expect the best technology that the world and market knows today.


Charging stations
for electric vehicles.

Networks of fast charging stations for electric vehicles in the territory of the Republic of Croatia are also the primary focus of the SOLARIS PONS group. Fully compatible with all major electric vehicle manufacturers, our high power chargers provide fast and efficient charging from our solar power plants, at the lowest prices in the country.